Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics Are Wearing Me Out!

I have stated here before that I LOVE the Olympics. Always have, always will. I have several things to say on the subject.

First, the opening ceremony was awesome. We all know that. China kicked the world's ass in opening ceremonies. And they are also kicking the world's ass in the events. Which brings me to my second point. There is NO WAY those Chinese girl gymnasts are 16 years old. They are little girls with purple eyeshadow. I am convinced that the Chinese government altered their documents to make 12 year olds into 16 year olds. I have no proof of this, but because I live in America I get to say whatever I want. Yay, freedom! And what is the big deal about the age limit anyway? All it means is that the real 16 year old gymnasts are having their asses handed to them by a bunch of 12 year olds. Does it make everyone feel better to get beat by girls their own age? I don't get it! Whatever.

Here is the problem with the Olympics. I want to watch all the time, but I work. Plus they are running until after midnight every night and I am asleep in the chair by 11pm. So I have to record it and watch what I missed the night before PLUS what I missed while I'm at work PLUS the live stuff from that night! It is exhausting! I admit that I fast forward through water polo, equestrian events, and volleyball, but it still is very time consuming.

And here is the other thing. I am an idiot. Because I signed up on Ravelry for the Ravelympics. I have to finish a scarf that I started last year by the closing ceremonies in order to win a medal. This is the scarf:

I have been knitting like crazy and am only about half way done. I really want that medal! So I finished a project that was almost done and I submitted that. And I got my medal!

But I am still determined to finish my scarf in time! I tell you, all this knitting and watching TV is HARD WORK!! OK, gotta go turn on the TV and make dinner now. I will prevail!

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marrusso said...

Karla...Joe and I have been staying up WAY too late watching the Olympics every night! Last thing we watched together was where they did the computer diagram of the Merman Michael Phelps. I'm having a hard time watching the lady running and running and running...it's painful to watch! I am worn out too!!!
Take care,
Mary and Joe...the weather is foggy and cold for the Concourse