Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Is Huge!

For me. As a knitter.

See that thing on my knee? That is a sock. My first sock. Up until now I have been afraid to knit one. Here is what happened. About a year ago I started the scarf from this post and I had a terrible time with it. I was trying new stitches along with skinny old sock yarn and I got super frustrated and put it down. But when I picked it back up a year later, the process was a lot easier. I had gotten better at knitting! So when I finished up the scarf and had some sock yarn left over, I swallowed my fear and cast on to the dreaded double pointed needles. This is another reason why I was afraid of socks. Double pointed needles suck! They require a level of coordination that I did not have. Until now! I am sucking it up and learning to work with these things. At first it felt like I had 12 fingers on each hand, but I have been doing it for almost a week, and now it only feels like I have about eight fingers on each hand. That is progress. I screwed up three times and had to unravel it, but it appears that the fourth time is the charm!

It is starting to resemble an actual sock! So far so good. I have not gotten down to the heel yet. I am sure there will be more swearing and throwing of needles across the room, but hopefully I will get through it.

Tune in for the next exciting episode of "As The Heel Turns", where we hear Karla say, "%#$*&!" and "*@#&$%!".

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