Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wii Ha!

So I have been working out every other day for about five weeks. I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit and also in the way I feel. That thing you always hear about people having more energy when they exercise, well it's true! So I was looking for something to do on my off workout days. I know, why don't I just workout, well I'll tell you why. Because I'm old and totally out of shape and it hurts when I do too much. I'm hoping that will change over time, but right now the strenuous stuff is limited to every other day. Anyway I was talking to my friend Shannon the other day and she could not say enough good stuff about the Wii Fit. It's more fun than strenuous, and the focus is on balance and working your core. So I got one. And let me tell you, I had so much fun with that thing last night. The are the highlights, in no specific order:

1) Tightrope walking. If you don't keep your balance, you fall to your death! It's hilarious!
2) Hitting soccer balls with your head. You also get cleats thrown at you, which make the best noise when they hit you in the head!
3) Ski Jumping. I suck! It's great!
4) I think the best thing is the aerobic dancing. It's like a cross between step aerobics and Dance Dance Revolution. The best part is that your Mii does it with the other Miis you have in your system. So I'm on the screen dancing with Bob Ross, Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jackson. And when you do really good and hit all your steps perfectly. Bob Ross and Abe turn around and smile at you. It's the best!

And after playing for half an hour, I actually felt sweaty and like I had a slight workout. It is the perfect compliment to my fitness routine. And a heck of a lot of fun! If you have a Wii, go get Wii Fit. Seriously.


A. Malcontent said...

Now that there's no more Idol, maybe we could do Wii Fit? At any rate, I have a feeling I'm going to have to come over and try it out. The tightrope thing sounds awesome! So do the cleats to the head!

Shannon said...

Yay, I'm so glad you found one. I really suck at the ski jump too. I often land on my face and snowball down the remainder of the hill. Our family has taken to competing for bragging rights trying to one up each other. I'm a yoga master but my mii hangs his head very low and sad on almost all of the balance trainings. Good to hear you like it...Hey how do you get Abe Lincoln to do step with the Miis?

Sara said...

So jelous. I want a wii AND wii fit!

Tea Rose said...

I tried out Shannon's Wii Fit. The thing had the nerve to add 14 years to my age! I tried one balancing exercise before it was time for prayers and Bible study. I made the mistake of getting weighed in after eating a plate of salad and two plates of spaghetti. Next time I'll weigh in before dinner. I hope I'll do better on the balancing exercise. Maybe someday I'll try the ski jump...