Saturday, May 17, 2008

Same Song, 99th Verse

Today has been an absolutely great day. Not that anything has happened to make it great, other than the weather is gorgeous, it's super warm and everything is green and the birds and squirrels are so cute! Steve finished my bitchin flower bed yesterday, so as soon as it cools down a little I can plant all the flowers I just bought. I finally have a flower bed that is in full sun, so now I can grow sunflowers and dahlias and daisies and plant bulbs in the fall for tulips and daffodils next spring. And just so you know, the bitchin flower bed is it's official name. Because it's bitchin, man!
Tonight is the Lilac Parade downtown, the official name is the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. It is huge and draws a big crowd. Faythe and I were going to go and stand around for hours in the 90 degree heat to see it but instead I will be going to her and Ryan's house for a barbeque and we will watch the parade on TV! And eat steak! Really good steak!
Let's recap: Birds! Squirrels! Bitchin flower bed! Bitchin flowers! Parade! (did I mention the 40+ marching bands?) Steak! Life is so so good! I love Spokane!

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