Saturday, May 24, 2008

Office Cleaning Highlights

Well it is Memorial Day weekend and since 1) the weather today is supposed to be crappy and 2) my sister is coming up here in 5 days, I thought I'd clean my office. I am slowly getting through it, even though I have been calling people to try and stall but nobody is home! You would think this is a holiday weekend or something.

Anyway, I have come across some very interesting things in my cleaning travels. Here is a sampling:

1) A fortune cookie fortune that says: You will find the desired link within the next month. The desired link? Like a website? Or the missing link? I'm confused!

2) A post-it note with two words written on it: Toilet Paper.

3) A christmas card from my niece with this lovely sentiment in it: Thanks for moving, now our whole Christmas tradition is screwed! You're welcome, Nichole.

That last one cracks me up! OK, back to cleaning now, have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karla, I hope you kept the toilet paper note, It would be nice to have some when I visit:-) I loved the pink trees and hope they might still be blooming when I arrive.I'll talk to you in the week. Have a great Memorial Day. The weather is crappy,lots of smoke in the air, because there is a big fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains, It burned 1o homes in Corralitos and surrounding areas and has already burned 3200 acres. Because the weather has been foggy and overcast and the big winds stopped it is 25% contained. Tht's the good news
See you Thurs. I don't even care if your office is clean, so clean it foryou and not me!!
Love to all, Your sister