Monday, May 25, 2009


So I was surfing knitting blogs today and I found this post where there is a meme that all you do is google the word Unfortunately and your name, then you post the top ten results. So I did it, and here are mine.

1) Unfortunately, Karla and millions of others do not know that high blood cholesterol is nothing to worry about.

2) Unfortunately, Karla’s trust in this individual proved to be misplaced and due to her inexperience it only became apparent after an extended period of time.

3) Unfortunately, Karla has also tested positive for the same BRCA abnormality.

4) Unfortunately, Karla's interview was accidentally taped over; therefore, no quotations could be included.

5) Unfortunately Karla's case was not an isolated one.

6) Unfortunately, Karla applied too much; her sister vomited and choked to death.

7) Unfortunately Karla is from Canada and cannot remember the exact location of the store.

8) Unfortunately Karla is leaving Brisbane and you will need to make use of your voucher by the end of February.

9) Unfortunately, Karla developed Pyometria and was never bred from - a real pity, since she is a lovely bitch with excellent qualities and a great bloodline.

(I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I read that one.)

10) Unfortunately, Karla stated that it was determined that the well is no longer serviceable.

I am glad that none of these poor Karlas are me, although I could be described as a lovely bitch with excellent qualities.

You should try it and see what comes up for you.

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