Saturday, October 04, 2008

Reality Check

It has been a bit of a rough week. I don't like rough weeks. They always seem to point up the fact that my life is a struggle. I feel like I have been struggling for a long time. I never lose hope, though, that someday maybe life in general won't be so hard. People think that I am a strong person, but really I'm not. And sometimes the harshness of everything just gets to me. I have a little pity party, but I try not to dwell for too long there. I am scared and lonely just like everyone else, but I try not to stay too long in that headspace either. I just try and take care of myself, get a good night's sleep and pray that I wake up with hope again, and a restored sense of the optimism that everyone says I have.

I'm grateful that rough weeks don't come around too often.

So here's to next week. May it be a smooth one for all of us.

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