Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good News, Bad News

Here is the good news--Tomorrow we are flying to Seattle because Max entered the Stockstock film festival and his short film was one of 25 selected to be shown at the Seattle Art Museum tomorrow night. We had gotten vouchers for a free flight from Alaska Airlines bacause of a flight delay back in July, so we decided to go. I used to really enjoy being spontaneous, but those were the days when I didn't have every day booked with something, I had to cancel church, a picnic, and physical therapy just to be gone overnight! Yikes. Anyway, I have never been to Seattle so we are going to try to cram a bunch of touristy stuff into our one day. You just never know where life is going to lead you I guess.
Which brings me to the bad news--On Tuesday a pipe burst underneath my sink and ruined the floor in my kitchen, family room and bathroom. The disaster cleanup people came and currently there are 5 industrial strength fans running 24 hrs a day in my house to dry out the walls. The noise is awful, we are mostly staying in the bedrooms with the door closed because we can't stand it. They will be running until Tuesday, which goes back to the good news because now we will be gone for 2 days while the fans are running.
It's all quite an adventure.
P.S. thank God for homeowner's insurance.


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Frank Carver said...


I hope you got on OK at the StockStock event.

Do you know if/where any of the StockStock 2005 entries have been made available online? I submitted one which wasn't chosen and I'd love to see others so I can get an idea what I was up against.

You can see a reduced size version of mine at