Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Fair

I ate a corndog.

I watched Tower of Power and I ended up sitting by my ex next door neighbors Garth and his mom. Garth is 2 years older than me and his sister Chris is 1 year younger. Every time I see Garth I think about the time that Chris & I fed him a dog food sandwich and told him it was meatloaf. Boy those were the good old days.

I saw the chickens.

My children won salad dressing.

I entered the raffle to win a quilt.

The fair has basically stayed the same since I was a kid. And I'm sure that next year will be just like this year with one exception--we won't be there. We will be in Washington.

But someday I will go to the fair again. And it will be just the same. Maybe I will run into Garth. And if I do I will apologize for the dog food sandwich thing.

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