Friday, August 12, 2005

Dilemma in Panda Express

So today the boys and I are eating at Panda Express and this woman comes out of the bathroom and she has a paper toilet seat cover sticking out of the back of her pants. She had a friend with her and I kept waiting for the friend to notice but she never did, then they sat down and I wanted to say something politely to alert her but I didn't have the words. "Excuse me, but you brought something out from the bathroom and you might want to go put it back" "You need to go back into the bathroom and check yourself" or how about this one, "Hey, if you are flushing the toilet, and you notice that the toilet seat paper is not in the toilet, you might think about where that paper might be!" Anyway, we left and I never told her. All I know is that if that happened to me that I would appreciate being told. And you know how these things come around. Now I can never again use a toilet seat paper because it will end up hanging out of my pants and nobody will tell me!

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