Saturday, January 03, 2009

Roof Drama

So yesterday Steve and I decided that enough was enough in terms of snow on the roof, and made plans for him to shovel it all off today. I went to bed feeling good and relieved that I would no longer have to worry about one of those pesky roof collapses I have been hearing about every day here. I thought I was home free. After all, the roof had held and was not even making any creaking sounds.

Until this morning at 4 am.

The cracking sound woke me out of a dead sleep and I sat straight up in my bed. I thought that maybe I had dreamt it until it happened again 10 minutes later. I laid in my bed listening to the roof crack every 5-15 minutes until 5 am, then got dressed and went out into the living room until 5:30 when I couldn't take it anymore and called Steve, who said it was ok, we had a plan, just go downstairs where the collapsing roof cannot hurt you. So I woke up Leo and herded the cats and we all went downstairs where I felt better because I could no longer hear the cracking and managed to sleep for another hour until I got Steve. Thank God for him. He has been on the roof since about 9 am and now it is 4:15 pm and he is about 2/3 done.

Even though all the snow will be off the roof by the next storm which is tomorrow night, I am still a little nervous, all that cracking this morning made me jumpy. Please please get the snow off your roof if you can.

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A. Malcontent said...

Ryan cleaned off the roof over the ToadWorks office yesterday, and then this morning I got to work and they had to clean off the roof over the main shelter because it was sagging. I fear for what will happen once it starts raining and makes the snow all soggy.