Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drink Like A Pirate Day

Yesterday was my 47th birthday. It also happens to be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I have had some resentment in the past (like, 2 days ago) about sharing my birthday with some goofy made up internet holiday, but now I am ok with it. Here is why.

1) At work yesterday, I was given some really cheap and totally cool pirate toys. I got this plastic sword that when you push the button, it makes sword noises. This provided an entire day and night of amusement for me and everyone around me. I carried it around all day and would use it for encouragement, admonishment and agreement. This means that every time someone talked to me or I talked to them, I would wave the sword. The sword helped us bowl better (or worse) and survived a run-in with some spilled ranch dressing. We believe the sword's power was only compromised for a few minutes. It seems to be working fine now. Yes, it's fine. I just tested it.

2) Because of the two holidays, mine and the pirates', Faythe wore this fabulous outfit which included a puffy shirt and a magnificent pirate hat with lace and feathers. She also had an awesome cane with skulls on the top, which completed her ensemble. Because of Faythe's fabulousness, many drinks were bought for us at the Broadway last night. It was a very fun night of bowling, drinking and hilarious karaoke and people watching.

So in conclusion, I now accept the sharing of my day with pirates.


9milemom said...

aargh...happy birthday!

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