Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Kind Of Fool I Am

So Max and I are in Costco recently and we get to the checkout and I notice this display:

Stamps with knitting on them!!

So I get all excited and say "Look Max, knitting stamps! Fair Isle! Fair Isle!"
(Which is the type of knitting with more than one color at once.)

And Max's reply is the classic I-am-so-embarrassed-to-have-this-woman-as-my-mother-right-now response: "That's great, Mom. Time to go now."

By now I am well aware that I am embarrassing my son, so I just keep going--"I am so going to get some of those stamps for my christmas cards, and I think I will just use them all the time after christmas too!"

Max then changed his tactic and said "Uh--okaaayyy."

Which basically told the world that My Mom Should Be Riding Faythe's Crazy Train!

And shut me up.

How did he get to be more clever than me??


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I too was so excited by these stamps! Except I found out about them while going to the USPS website and I was at work, so I had to IM Rayleen in order to share. It's not so exciting when you're trying to be all exciting with your typing.

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

Oh wait! I forgot that I shouted something to my coworker Holly about it. She was less than impressed.

SpokaneMama said...

I have to admit I was excited by these stamps too! Obviously everyone else is too because they were sold out so fast!
It's so easy to embarrass our children now that they are older isn't it?